Rob commissioned the portrait as a gift for his mother. Fiona selected this image as it captures a quiet, reflective moment and a characteristic pose as well as Rob’s love of sailing. This is a striking portrait intended to give pleasure to his mother, revealing Rob’s strong, self-determining character, his direction and action, and his values. For Fiona this piece also became a study in shade upon shade of white, as expressed in the sail and Rob’s shirt and hat.


Lio is an imposing, awesome figure of ominous power who creates a huge presence wherever he goes, whether in the gym, sporting arena, or within the community. One is first struck by Lio’s superb physique, his self-confidence, sense of stature and immense strength. However, he never needs to assert this power and Fiona sought to capture the combination of his strength and unassuming, gentle demeanour, with a hint of shyness.


Commissioned as a birthday gift, the portrait captures a fleeting glance, a moment in time, and focuses on the sensuous expression on Florie’s beautiful face.


Fiona took pleasure in the contrasting textures of this modern portrait, with its denim jacket, metallic buttons, and soft beanie. The image captures a beautiful moment at sunset, with the last warm light of the winter’s day. The beanie pulls the focus on to Diavosh’s face – it is a study of face – and his strength and depth as a person.