About the Artist:

Fiona Ashenden is a colourist and portrait artist living in Devonport, New Zealand.

She began drawing, painting and sculpting at a young age and explored a number of
media before specializing in portraiture in acrylics and oils.

In the 1980’s while living in Japan, she studied under a renowned Japanese sumi-
e and nihonga painter, developing her sharp eye for details of form and colour in
painting flora and fauna.

On returning to New Zealand, extensive life-drawing and painting developed
into a passion for portraits. Always fascinated by the face and its revealing of
idiosyncrasies, character and personality, she strives to capture the essence of the
person in her portraits. Light falling on the face is also of special interest,.

Fiona’s style is essentially realism, tempered by her perception of the subject’s

Please feel free to contact me for further information regarding commissions or exhibitions.

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